Three Android-addicted ex-Googlers just gave Apple TV competition for only $99


With two successful Kickstarters under their belt and a growing legion of fans, this trio of ex-Googlers is back with a third gadget.
Like the Remix Ultratablet and the Remix Mini that came earlier, the brand-new Remix IO is based on the team’s own flavour of Android, which it calls Remix OS.

The IO, which costs $99, is a “4K TV set-top box, gaming console, and PC in one,” says the crew. It’s based on Android Nougat, the very newest confection from Google. It’s up against the Apple TV, which costs more and does less – and isn’t primed for 4K displays. Set to ship in March, the Remix IO is now up on Kickstarter until November 19; the campaign has already breezed past the $250,000 funding goal.

“We sold close to 30,000 Minis on Kickstarter and have shipped over 200,000 worldwide,” said David Ko.

The new Remix IO can also be a little Android PC for you if you want, but the idea is that it now does a ton of extra things in order to make it more of an entertainment hub for all the family. It looks set to be another strong seller for David and his two co-founders at Beijing-based Jide Tech.

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