Why Pakistan was not declared a ‘terrorism-sponsoring nation’ at BRICS Summit

We are upset that China and Russia did not support us on our specific complaint against Pakistan during the Goa BRICS summit. We are also unhappy that the Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson had said on October 17 (in answer to a specific question) that both India and Pakistan “are victims of terrorism”.

Did our politicians and diplomats really think that one country’s formulation, even as the host, would be adopted by a multilateral forum that does not usually discuss bilateral disputes?

Also, our own statistics would prove that Pakistan had suffered more through terrorism than India, although one could dispute the Chinese spokesperson’s mention about “enormous efforts and sacrifices made by Pakistan in fighting terrorism”. As one who has been studying terrorism for the past 34 years, I can say that Pakistan’s losses are more because of their own encouragement of terrorism as a foreign policy tool – which they had openly admitted to us through the secret Hamid Gul-A.K. Verma dialogue in the late 1980s, which is an open secret now.

Our private South Asia Terrorism Portal (SATP), which is more credible than government statistics, says that during the 2003-2016 period, India lost 26,882 lives against Pakistan’s loss of 61,148. The break up is 9,640 civilians, 4,249 security forces and 12,993 terrorists in India against 21,389 civilians, 6,564 security personnel and 33,195 terrorists in Pakistan. It is this point which Pakistan keeps repeating which finds resonance everywhere.


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