Flipkart on path to profitability, IPO a little away: ex-CFO Sanjay Baweja


Flipkart, India’s largest e-commerce firm has seen several top exits in its leadership with the latest being its chief financial officer Sanjay Baweja. Over the last one and half years, the online marketplace has undergone a structural shift in the way it is doing business – rationalising costs, discounts, improved customer service and focus on profits. “It (profits) may not be in the next 6 months but we definitely are on that path. That is very clear,”  says Baweja in an interview.

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What exactly is your reason for quitting Flipkart?

In the past two years I’ve been able to build a top notch team of finance professionals across the board, whether it’s business finance, business tax or revenue assurance. It’s been great fun working here. But when another opportunity came where I thought I would be doing something very different, I really wanted to take it up. While Flipkart was something I really wouldn’t have left, I thought to myself that this is something new, so why not get my hands into it?


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