Reliance Jio’s handset may be the cheapest 4G phone in India


Reportedly, Reliance Industries is coming up with 4G VoLTE enabled handsets, priced close to Rs 1,000. While, the handsets will have many key features like video calling, front & back cameras, live TV and mobile wallet, among others, and will run on Android operating system, even though they would be feature phones.

While, handset prices have been falling steadily for quite some time now, no vendor in India has been able to come up with a 4G VoLTE handset, be it a smartphone or feature phone, at that price.

Here are some of the low end feature phones that are currently available in the market:

  • # Snowtel S20
  • #Supertel 108
  • # Jivi X48
  • # Karbonn T9
  • # Intex Cloud Glory 4G
  • # Nuvo One Echo
  • # I KALL K99

There are hundreds of models available from other brands as well. AdCom, Usha Shriram, i-Smart and others are fighting it out in the lowest tier of the pyramid. However, none comes close to a VoLTE feature phone packed with all major features of an Android smartphone that Reliance is planning to launch.

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