Relax, govt is not freezing your diamonds: Don’t believe these 6 rumours


Ever since the government demonetised higher currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000, droves of rumours have been doing the rounds, especially on Whatsapp. However, the government has repeatedly asked citizens to not believe these theories and visit the RBI website for clarity.

Here is a list of rumours that you must simply not believe:

  • Digital Lockers
  • Demonetisation of Rs 100 and Rs 50 notes
  • Freeze gold, diamond/ jewellery
  • Rs 2,000 note comes with a nano GPS chip
  • Rs 2,000 notes will soon be called back
  • Rs 2,000 note does not shed colour
While government is making a conscious effort to dispel rumours, the police has so far failed to trace  the source, since most of them were re-tweeted, shared or re-posted, obscuring the source from where they originated.

So a word of advise, ” please don’t trust everything you see on the Internet”.


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